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Career Development and Corporate Succession Planning

Corporately, we have a strong focus on career development and succession planning and our company growth has been steady in order to accommodate the economic growth and demands on the construction industry on Vancouver Island. Our staff is a very diverse group and is made up from a variety of backgrounds, disciplines and geographic locations, bringing together complete teams for design collaboration. Women in particular are found in leadership and technical positions throughout the company. We believe in keeping our knowledge base current and fund training programs for staff and provide in house training sessions when external training is not available. Using our e-meeting software and hardware, we are able to keep in contact with our individual offices and staff, without having to commute for meetings and training sessions.

Herold Engineering and many individual staff members are award winners in the design and construction industry.  We actively encourage our employees to reach their full potential and received ASTTBC’s Employer Award for creating a work environment that encourages the career success of Technology Professionals

Employees have flexibility in their working hours to accommodate work/life balance and personal growth.  Many employees serve on nonprofit boards within their communities with full support from the Herold leadership group.

We are also committed to a socially conscious and safe environment that promotes workplace interaction and collaboration.  Herold Engineering encourages our employees to think outside the box and continuously consider sustainable designs and impacts from construction.  We are also very proud that we own our office building in Nanaimo, which is a testament to the longevity of the company.

Social and Cultural Practices

Staff are actively involved and are encouraged to support organizations and activities including the following organizations:

Herold Engineering actively collaborates with many local and international associations and regularly participates in community building and education events.

Herold Engineering's founder, Mike Herold, is a true advocate for education in First Nations communities and is very active in various projects with First Nations Communities throughout British Columbia.

We pride ourselves in creating learning opportunities and encourage our team to be as active in our communities as much as possible.

Staff are actively involved and are encouraged to support organizations and activities.

Engineers and Geosciences of BC | ASTTBC | BC Special Olympics – Nanaimo | BC Women in Technology | CANstruction | Extreme Science Fair for LED Africa | First Nations Conference | Habitat for Humanity | Haven House | Island Women in Technology | Junior Achievement of BC | Kwumut Lelum Child and Family Services | Make a Wish Foundation | MS Bike Tour | Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce | Nanaimo Rotary | School Districts #61 and #62 | Soroptimist International | Structural Engineering Association of BC | UVIC Engineers without Borders | Vancouver Island Construction Association | Vancouver Island University | Vancouver Island University Foundation | Young Professionals of Nanaimo


We were awarded the 2015 Canadian Institute of Steel Construction (CISC) Steel Design Award in the Sustainability Division for the Craigflower Bridge Replacement Project.

We pride ourselves on efforts to reduce our impact on the environment in our designs and daily operations and participate in our communities in a variety of activities. A comprehensive summary of environmental initiatives and protocols is provided in the submission form.
As the Prime Consultant, Herold Engineering managed a challenging schedule and budget to implement the award-winning design while adhering to the environmental constraints of a sensitive marine area. Traffic disruption was kept to a minimum and pedestrian access to two adjacent schools was maintained throughout the project. Design of the north abutment minimized the excavation required due to the sensitivity in working in an area of archaeological middens.

Herold Engineering is committed to environmental sustainability in the workplace in the following ways:


– Encourage our employees to find alternative modes of transportation when traveling to the office, meetings and job sites

– Reduce paper consumption by using digital documents for production and quality assurance processes and undertake double sided printing of documents

– Ensure that electronic systems are used efficiently

– Use High efficiency LED and fluorescent fixtures to light our office environment

– Employees are required to turn off their computers when they leave the office

– We utilize advance PDF viewing/creating/editing software to reduce unnecessary usage of paper

– We utilize FTP sites where large files can be uploaded rather than sending them on disc

– Project photos are taken with digital camera and stored digitally

– Heating and air condition systems are maintained regularly to ensure efficiency

– Digital thermostats are used to control specific zones through the building and make adjustments as conditions change throughout the day

– Wherever possible, rechargeable batteries are utilized for peripheral equipment and tools

– As computers and office equipment is upgraded, unneeded equipment is either recycled or donated to local charitable organizations

– We utilize an office recycling service for paper, used pens, printer ink, coffee packaging, cardboard, glass and plastic and a compost program

– Our holiday cards are sent in electronic form.