The importance of a Structural Engineer

We know our work is crucial because it directly influences the durability and safety of buildings and structures. We determine an accurate evaluation of safe weight maximums, the amount of force from storm winds, and the magnitude of earthquake tremors that certain structures can withstand. We ensure that all materials and resources are being used efficiently and we help you determine the best material grade for safety and function, without needlessly raising construction cost. We are able to work within the design aesthetics called for by the architect or design firm, all while combining practicality, resource budget, and other visual appearances to satisfy the needs of all involved.

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Our Commitment to Quality

Herold Engineering Limited has developed quality assurance processes and procedures that work well for the large volume and variety of projects we undertake. These procedures are refined within the company to suit each division and then further refined to each individual project. Preparation of the quality control plan is a key task for the project manager at the initiation of each assignment.

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