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    Spirit Trail – Mosquito Creek Walkway

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    North Vancouver, BC

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Project Highlights

Spirit Trail Mosquito Creek Walkway and Travel Lift was a project that was jointly owned by the City of North Vancouver and the Squamish Nation and was an important link in the completion of the pedestrian waterfront walkway along North Vancouver’s waterfront between Bewicke Avenue and the existing Squamish Nation Waterfront Greenway.

The project included the design and construction of a 4 meter wide precast concrete walkway and 100 TON Travel Lift supported by steel pipe piles which required the walkway to drop 3 meters below high water to get under the travel lift. The horizontally curved and sloped walkway was an engineering challenge from a geometry standpoint, zero water ingress mandate and constructability issues in a tidal environment. HEL’s involvement in this challenging $7.0M project was the design and construction review of the precast walkway and travel lift as well as completing precast concrete shop drawings.


An achievement of collaboration and a feat of engineering. – North Vancouver’s Mayor Mussatto

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