Project Highlights

Herold Engineering undertook the Elk Falls Suspension Bridge project in 2014 as the Structural Engineer of record for a design-build team working for the Campbell River Rotary Club on behalf of BC Parks. As Engineer of record Herold Engineering was responsible for the structural design of the suspension bridge and all associated stairs, walkways and viewing platforms. As part of the design-build team Herold Engineering also provided construction engineering services including design of fall restraint systems and a construction skyline.  The final design for the suspension bridge consists of a catenary style hanging bridge with 4 main cables supporting the deck and spanning between elevated towers at each end. The bridge has a deck width of 1.5m across the entire 58m span with a minimum height of approximately 56m above the river. In addition to the suspension bridge the project also involved the design and construction of approximately 94m2 of stairs and walkways and 80m2 of viewing platforms including a cantilevered viewing platform 53m above the falls.  Varying ground conditions at the site location required the use of multiple types of foundations and anchorage including deep anchorage into bedrock, rock-pad footings pinned into bedrock and cast-in-place footings founded on helical piles.

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