HEROLD ENGINEERING LIMITED provides structural and civil engineering on numerous projects at industrial facilities ranging from smaller projects such as work platforms and crane designs to conveyor upgrading, monorail surveys and barge ramp repairs.

Some of the typical projects include:

  • Materials handling systems
  • Design of footings and foundations
  • Condition assessments of steel, concrete and timber structures
  • Work platforms, formwork, shoring, falsework
  • Overhead crane and lifting device design and assessments
  • Fall protection systems, horizontal lifelines and man baskets

  • Barge ramp repairs
  • Conveyors and transfer towers
  • Marine inspections
  • Design of a barge unloading facilities
  • Civil engineering and surveying
  • Building design
  • Mezzanine additions
  • Trestle assessments
  • Coal loadout facilities and crusher buildings

Some of our larger industrial projects include:

  • Monorail survey for over 700 monorails – Crofton and Port Alberni
  • Van loading facility – Crofton
  • Barge ramp upgrading – Crofton
  • Hog conveyor structural assessment and repair – Crofton
  • Electrical maintenance building – Powell River
  • Demolition assistance for recovery building – Port Alberni
  • Keephills Power Plant coal handling – Edmonton
  • Peace River Coal Plant upgrades – Tumber Ridge
  • Copper Mountain Mine formwork design – Oliver